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Safari on Land / Safari at Sea


Explore the beautiful island of Madeira by land and sea during this 3-hour. Take a Jeep excursion around the mountainous region to discover its beautiful terrain. Then head out on the water for a boat trip to discover the beautiful coastal scenery and local wildlife of Madeira. This tour has the option of exploring either the eastern or western part of the island.


  • Explore Madeira by land and sea on this 3-hour excursion
  • Take a Jeep tour and explore either the east or west of the island
  • Hop on the Magic Dolphin Sea Safaris to take in the scenery and see local wildlife



Combination tours: 2 different trips-same day/alternate days-ONE price!


  1. Seek adventure and take a thrilling Jeep excursion. You will be transported to places up in the mountainous landscape usually unreachable by other means. This exhilarating ride offers breath-taking scenery combined with the fun of overcoming the challenging terrain.
  2. Fancy a boat trip! Well wait no longer and hop aboard the Sea Safaris powerboat for a fun-packed viewing of the dolphins and whales which frequent the shores of sunny Madeira.


Only after you have seen Madeira by land and sea can you truly appreciate its enchanting landscapes and uniqueness as a sub-tropical island. The action packed day starts with a pick up from your hotel and offers Jeep tours to both East or West island.


*For the Jeep Safari, customers will be picked up from hotel reception. After the trip they will be dropped in the Marina Funchal for the Sea Safaris trip. After the Sea Safaris trip they must make their own way back to the hotel.


What should you bring: 
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Wind breaker
  • Sun cream
  • Hat


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